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Rangipo Hut: Turangi/Taupo backcountry huts

This is a serviced 20-bunk hut in the Turangi/Taupo area. - 47k - Cached

Round the Mountain Track hut rangers: DOC stories January 6

The first volunteer hut rangers for 2015 arrived at the Round the Mountain huts today. - 39k - Cached

Description: Round the Mountain Track

A guide of the Round the Mountain Track and details on side trips possible from the track. - 55k - Cached

Round the Mountain Track: Walking and tramping in Tongariro ...

The Round the Mountain Track showcases the varied volcanic landscapes and alpine vegetation on the flanks of the active volcano Mount Ruapehu. It's a more remote alternative to the Tongariro Northern Circuit Great Walk. - 52k - Cached

Getting to the Round the Mountain Track: Ruapehu area ...

Information and options for access points for the Round the Mountain track. - 40k - Cached

Description: Tongariro Northern Circuit Great Walk

A detailed guide of the Tongariro Northern Circuit Great Walk including optional side trips. - 50k - Cached

Winter tramping: Round the Mountain Track

Find out about tramping the Round the Mountain Track in the winter season. - 42k - Cached

Tongariro National Park and Rangataua Forest hunting ...

Tongariro National Park and Rangataua Forest offers great hunting primarily for Red Deer with localised Sika populations. There is also limited pig hunting. - 49k - Cached

Fascinating facts about Tongariro National Park: Tongariro ...

Tongariro was the first national park in New Zealand and the fourth in the world. It was the first in the world to be gifted by a country's indigenous people. - 43k - Cached

Kaimanawa Forest Park: Places to go in the Central North ...

You can enjoy many activities in Kaimanawa Forest Park in the Turangi/Taupo area. Permits are required for hunting and fishing. Access over private land is by permission only - 101k - Cached

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