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Salisbury Lodge: Kahurangi National Park, Nelson/Tasman

This is a serviced 22-bunk hut in the Motueka area. - 52k - Cached

Tableland Circuit: Walking and tramping in Kahurangi ...

Rock shelters, an open tussock plateau and tops with superb views, combine to make this an interesting overnight tramp with options for children. - 58k - Cached

Tableland hut wardens: Nelson/Tasman volunteer activities

This volunteer opportunity is now full for the coming season. - 42k - Cached

Leslie-Karamea Track: Walking and tramping in Kahurangi ...

The Leslie–Karamea Track is one of the region’s premier semi-wilderness experiences, situated in the middle of Kahurangi National Park. - 70k - Cached

Cobb Valley: Places to go in Nelson/Tasman

The Cobb Valley region is one of the most interesting in the country for trampers and naturalists. Enjoy the impressive mountain and bush scenery, remarkable botany and geology, and interesting human story. - 105k - Cached

Places we need photos: Send us your photos

See which tracks, huts and campsites we need photos of for our website. - 75k - Cached

Flora Hut: Kahurangi National Park, Nelson/Tasman

Flora Hut is a short, easy walk from the road end making it a good overnight tramp for families with children. - 54k - Cached

Lake Peel tracks: Walking and tramping in Cobb Valley ...

Walk to the beautiful basin that holds Lake Peel. - 51k - Cached

[PDF] Cobb Valley, Mt Arthur, Tableland, Kahurangi National Park ...

... Mt Arthur Hut (8 bunks) Salisbury Lodge (22 bunks) ... 19 18 Hut
categories Serviced huts have mattresses, water supply, toilets, hand
washing facilities and heating with fuel available. ... - 141k - 2014-08-27 - Text Version

[PDF] Kahurangi National Park mountain bike trial 2011-2013 ...

... been brought to life through interpretation at the huts and visitors ... side
trails nor onto the Cobb Valley or Salisbury Track. ... Sign Damage
Department staff, hut wardens and users have not ... - 433k - 2016-05-06 - Text Version

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