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Waipakihi Hut: Kaimanawa Forest Park, Central North Island ...

This 12-bunk hut sits in the Waipakihi River Valley, part of the Kaimanawa Forest Park. - 52k - Cached

Kaimanawa Forest Park: Places to go in the Central North ...

You can enjoy many activities in Kaimanawa Forest Park in the Turangi/Taupo area. Permits are required for hunting and fishing. Access over private land is by permission only - 101k - Cached

Urchin and Umukarikari tracks: Walking and tramping in ...

Climb above the bush line to the exposed alpine ridge of Umukarikari and Mount Urchin. Enjoy fantastic views and access the Waipakihi valley and hut. - 50k - Cached

Access and boundaries: Know before you go hunting in ...

When hunting, it's your responsibility to know and stay within the hunting area boundaries at all times. You'll also need to obtain permission before crossing private lands to access hunting blocks. - 46k - Cached

Waipakihi River tracks: Walking and tramping in Kaimanawa ...

Head up the Waipakihi River Valley, a popular option for hunters to access the tops, or a great day out for swimming in the summer. - 49k - Cached

Kaimanawa Forest Park hunting: Turangi/Taupo, Central ...

Kaimanawa Forest Park offers great hunting for sika and red deer and limited pig hunting opportunities. - 57k - Cached

Know before you go: Kaimanawa Forest Park, Central North ...

Important information on weather, wildlife and safety to help you plan your next trip into the Kaimanawa Forest Park - 42k - Cached

[PDF] Kaimanawa Forest Park plan

... 78 Kaimanawa Forest Park Management Plan huts is limited
and concessionaires must not use them on an exclusive basis. ...
Oamaru Hut helipad; • Waipakihi Hut helipad; ... - 83k - 2012-10-11 - Text Version

[PDF] Kaimanawa Forest Park plan

... 7.4 Huts and Camping 68 ... the upper Moawhango and the Waipakihi
valleys, but a comprehensive botanical survey only began ... IV block,
the remains of the last Motumatai Hut and, about ... - 148k - 2012-10-11 - Text Version

[PDF] Regional tourism report – Tongariro Whanganui Taranaki

... food and wine.  Quality accommodation important to this segment, such as
hotels, motels, quality backpackers, huts and camping facilities. New niche ... - 1012k - 2013-07-16 - Text Version

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